Looking for a New Game…

As much as I love TSW/SWL, it can’t be the everything of my gaming life.  I NEED something else. Some Variety to help spice things up.   (That and the gear grind is sooooooo monotonous… Ugh… kill me now!)

Cyberpunk 2077 is obviously my next game that I’m REALLY looking forward to, but it doesn’t have a release date yet.  Could be out next year… or more than likely 2020.  So that’s out of the running.  What else is there?

I’ve been playing Closers for a while, and it’s good mindless button-mashing fun, but the higher end levels and end-game content tends to have a steep learning curve and makes it hard to enjoy when all of a sudden you are getting your face stomped.  Also it gets lonely playing solo all the time…

I picked up The Witcher III, but it hasn’t really hooked me yet.  And I don’t really like Fantasy as much as I used to.  (I blame a decade of WoW…)

Neir: Automata seems like a fun game and I hear SO MANY good things about it…. but I can’t get past the first boss.  I COULD…. maybe, but the save point is AFTER the first boss, so if you die, you have to start all over from the beginning.  And THAT just isn’t happening.  Why would someone come up with this mechanic?  The game play is fun!  I’ll give it that much.  From what I’ve seen of it.  But again, not being able to save until AFTER the Boss with a mechanic that I can’t learn because if I make a mistake, I die and end up starting all over.  (Yes, even on Easy.)  And starting all over from the beginning tends to break my mindset of “What did I just try? And what can I do different?”  And that’s a shame.  I WANT to hear more of that story line.  I WANT to experience the dialog between 2B and 9S. I WANT to see what the deal is with A2.  But to gate the game with a crappy save system that stymies players ability to progress…?  That’s just bad design.

Yeah yeah yeah… maybe I should “git gud” right?  Sorry, but good game design allows for accessibility.  It would take into account that people are different and need options to be incorporated for their varying needs and abilities.

No, I’m NOT in the Game industry, but I’m also not in the Pizza industry.  But I know what I like about my pizza.  Know what I’m saying? Ok…. moving right along…

So what else is there?  What do I have that I could play?  What do I WANT in a new game?

I have a World of Tanks account, but I think I’m at a point where I’d rather be playing WITH someone, but don’t know anyone that would take enough interest in playing to be able to do it regularly.  I COULD look for a new Clan, but really, I like playing with people I KNOW. I’d rather not play with Rando-Clan #5 and end up with toxic players.  Been there, done that before. and I don’t have the spoons to do more Clan Auditions.

Diablo III – I got this when it first came out, even went so far as to track down a collector’s edition when I bought it!  But try as I might, I couldn’t get my wife’s interest in it.  So I played through it all… and then lost interest in it myself.  Then her friends got interested in it and dragged her into it.  And now she plays it more often than I did.  So it’s kinda a sore spot for me and I can’t bring myself to even open it. (Sorry for the info dump.)

The Rebooted Tomb Raider games are fun.  I am looking forward to Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but I just don’t see the replayability in the first two.  I’ve beaten them, and got the story.  And there aren’t any real decision making points that could give me a different experience in another play through. Maybe later down the line I’ll just feel like playing them again, but for now they are just taking up hard drive space.  >.>

The Division – I’m a HUGE Tom Clancy Fan..!  When this game was announced, it was immediately on my short list of games to get!  But the Bullet Sponge mechanics really took away from the game experience for me.  It became something that DEMANDED you play with a small group in order to progress the story.  And like a lot of gamers, I find it hard to find a group to play with like that.  (Yes, I am very much an Introvert.  Probably why I can’t bring myself to stream often.)

Then there’s Destiny 2 – THIS seems like a fun game in comparison to The Division.  I finally picked it up when Humble Bundle had it if you subscribed for $12/month.  And then I got the expansions for another $18 a couple weeks later.  Full game experience for $30.. not bad!  My son REALLY wanted me to play this with him, and I tried… but he’s so much further ahead of me…. You know that feeling, right?  So I end up just playing occasionally in a half-assed attempt to catch up.  Someday….. maybe.

Warframe – Another game my son wanted me to play.  And I’ll admit, it is kinda fun!  Problem is, it auto adjusts the skill based on your party make up, and again, he’s so far ahead of me, I’m pretty much useless.  And the default group setting when you are trying to do missions is open so anyone can join you.  And when they do, they zip ahead so fast, by the time I get there, everything is dead and I’m just trying to keep up.  So I learned to turn off the grouping feature so I can get used to playing the game on my own and not hold anyone up.  I prefer to take it slow and steady, and play stealthy.  But now I’m at a point in the story line and game where I have a mission to hold 4 control points and it’s literally impossible to do solo.  And not being able to pass this mission, I can’t progress the story line or game.  Guess I’m going to live on Mars.

Soul Worker/Burning Soul Worker – Those are two separate links there.   Soul Worker is the Steam Release here in the US, and Burning Soul Worker is a fan release (I think) that does it a little better than the official release.   No matter the version you play, it’s still an Anime styled MMO with some pretty cool abilities.  The combat is smooth, the combos are sweet! And you feel like you are in the middle of your own Anime show!  Who wouldn’t like that, right?  The problem is that some of the mechanics tend to ramp up in difficulty REALLY quick, and you’ll die to boss mechanics without knowing what it was that got you.  Maybe I’m just spoiled by the TSW/SWL Telegraph mechanics?  It’s still fun, but I haven’t made it very far yet.  And I REALLY wish there was more character customization.

Then there’s always more Mass Effect.  Original Trilogy and Andromeda.  I just wish there was a Co-Op version.  Play through the entire storyline WITH a friend.  Mass Effect, the MMO… THAT would ROCK!  I guess the next best thing would be to stream it, but I’d have to build my characters ahead of time or you’d get like 2 hours of me trying to build a decent Character model on air!

So what to do?  I’m out of ideas of games to play, and it’s almost to the point of me having to start thinking of what do I WANT out of a game and see if I can design my own.  Problem is, my art and modelling abilities are crap. So All I can do is think of mechanics and story.  But even if I had mad art skills and could work in a game engine like Unity or UE4, it would take YEARS to get it to come to life.

BUT I WANT TO PLAY NOW…!  And that seems to be the problem.  What do I Play NOW?

So what would I want to play?  Well, an Engaging and Epic storyline for sure!  That’s a given.  I’m not much of a Fantasy/Swords/Sorcery kind of person, at least not anymore.  Like I said, WoW kinda killed that for me over the course of a decade.

I could MAYBE go back to that kind of thing if the game play was more engaging and the story was good.  To be honest, Wow’s game play was fine.  Until they had to keep changing things up every time they had a major patch.  And I REALLY hate having to relearn my classes every couple years.

As for story… well, WoW had some really epic quest lines, but the overall story arc left a lot to be desired.  And I don’t even want to get into some of their character arcs… >.>

So vaguely Modern day or not so far in the future timeline is what I’m drawn to at the moment.  I love Cyberpunk things, and I love Anime things.  Fast paced action is a good thing too.  And it just so happens that these are all things that go together pretty well!

Does it HAVE to be anime based?  No, but if it can have that feeling, then that’s an added bonus!

Does it HAVE to be Cyberpunk based?  Again, no, but if it has that feel, that’s an added bonus!

I would like Multi-player/Co-op ability though!  Something that I could play with a few close friends.  I PREFER Tab-Targeting, but can deal with the new ‘Action-RPG’ driven systems that are springing up all over.  And depending on the game, First Person can be fine if needed.

Classes are fine.  I like having different roles. I like specializations that add to the playability of a class.  I like being able to learn how a specific class plays whatever role they choose.  And being able to use those classes with a small group of friends to lay waste to the enemies in the game!  But of course that would mean it’s a multi-player game.

Single Player games are fine, but again, they get lonely.  I KNOW Cyberpunk is a single player and I’ll deal with it, hell, I’ll probably stream it!  At least I might get some interaction with my audience, so that’s something.

Same thing with Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

So I guess the question comes down to what games would you recommend for me?  What are you looking forward to?  What are you playing right now?  What looks like a good fit?

Ok, so that’s four questions.  Oops.

Let me know what you can recommend in the comments, or tweet at me.  Thanks for reading this! Take care, and I’ll catch ya later!




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