NIHAO! From China!

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been here and I’ve been stuck working so much, this is the first chance I’ve had to even THINK about making a post here!

So how is it here? HOT! And Humid AF!  And in case you hadn’t guessed yet, my work hours are like 12 hour days, 6 days a week. Last week, counting 19.5 hours travel time, I had 92 hours for the week.  At least my paycheck showed it!

But that isn’t to say that I’m having a terrible time or anything like that. I’m just busy busy busy…! The people here are really friendly and the food… oh lordy…. the food is Soooooo good! Fuck that shit you get back in the states..! This is GOOD Stuff!!

My first night, I had a driver pick me up from the airport and take me to the Hong Kong Sheraton.  And as you can see, from the pics below, it’s a pretty nice hotel!


But I only got to spend one night there.  Then it was off to the Pullman in Dongguan.  And this is even nicer!  A Breakfast Buffet is included in the cost of the room, and there’s buffets for every meal that I can charge back to the room.  Saturday nights they do a Brazillian BBQ, and I’m running out of Superlatives to describe how good certain things are out here!  But damn… look at these pics…

Chinese water torture…
So… much… torture…

So yeah, it’s been busy as hell, and to top it off, we had been planning a trip to Macau today, but as it turns out we had not one, but TWO Typhoons come through here since Friday!  And the second one passed directly over Macau today, so we had to cancel that trip.  We’ll try again next week though.

The difference between a Hurricane, a Typhoon, and a Cyclone is where in the world they are located:

  • Hurricanes form in the Atlantic.
  • Typhoons form in the Pacific.
  • Cyclones form in the Indian Ocean.

So yeah, all the Hurricane Florence stuff you’ve been hearing about in the Carolinas and east coast, is pretty much what we had out here.  Just… twice.  I don’t think either was quite as strong as Florence was though.  In any case, I got it easy here in the hotel.  We are located far enough away from the storm that we just had some strong winds and rain.  So don’t worry about me.  I’m safe.

Hong Kong had it much stronger and I’m sure other areas were hit pretty hard.  *Fingers Crossed* Here’s hoping no one was affected by either typhoon much, and my heart goes out to anyone affected by Florence and/or these storms as well.

I think that should cover this post for now.  I’ll see if I can post some random pics of the area/hotel later on.  I at least wanted to get a post out here saying I’m here, and I’m doing well, and don’t worry!  I’ll be back before you know it!

Thanks for stopping by!  Catch ya later!

I’m Leaving…. On A Jet Plane…!

Tomorrow is the big day…. Leaving on a 777 from SeaTac and flying into Hong Kong… 13+ hours in a little aluminum can. Ok… maybe a 777 isn’t so little, but yeah.  It’s going to be a long flight in an enclosed space, and I don’t typically sleep well in a plane.  BUT… I’ve got a TON of Manga downloaded and the new Jack Ryan series came out today on Amazon Prime, so I’ll have plenty of media to keep me entertained. I was looking at getting a guitar while i was out there to practice, but looking at prices online, they are even more expensive there, than they are here!  At least at their online stores.  Maybe there are smaller shops I can find one when I get there?  We’ll see.  in the mean time, again, i have plenty of Manga downloaded onto my phone, and I’ll bring sketchbooks too.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to try drawing again? Few of you know that I play(ed) Ingress.  as it turns out, a couple weeks ago, one of my friends from my local Ingress group just moved to China, so I’ll be trying to connect with them while I’m out there.  If we meet up, there will be pictures! Speaking of pictures, I currently have like 5 VPN’s installed on my phone right now… and with any luck, one of them works in China so I should have some kind of twitter access while I’m there.  But this Blog doesn’t appear on the Great Firewall of China’s radar, so I should be able to post here from there as well. Ugh… there is so much going on in my head right now… Things to pack.  Things to tidy up before I go.  Things I need to finish.  Notes to give my boss.  Times I need to be where…  And what to do about Dinner tonight as well.  It’s a big thing to leave the country on it’s own, but even more so when you have to plan for 5 weeks! In case you missed the dates, I’m leaving Sept 1st, and returning Oct 6th. I don’t want to think that something will happen, but in the event something does, then Funcom can take this as my approval to make Jordan walk around London and occasionally dance in the park! Her favorite Dances are ‘HipHop’ and ‘Freestyle.’  Not that they would do that for me anyway, but it’s a thought! Speaking of Funcom, in case you missed my tweet, I did get a chance to meet with Andy the Wednesday before PAX!  Was great meeting him for the first time!  I gave him a set of the Buttons I’ve designed!  And we sat around and talked things about the game.  FYI – Our feelings about reticle are mutual!  ((Character creator too.))  But there were things that had to happen decided upon by people well outside our paygrades, so they are what they are.  BUT… When I get back, I’ll be working on a comprehensive list of all the things I’ve found wrong in the Dressing Room.  And more little videos/screenshots of things wrong in the world.  He will pass things along to the appropriate people and with any luck, we can get some things improved!  So yeah… I kinda have tacit marching orders to help me feel somewhat productive with Anima-Nation. That’s another thing, I know i haven’t been very active there lately.  It’s something that weighs on me a lot.  the longer I go without content, the harder it is for me to do something there.  Part of why I started this blog… give me another outlet for creative writing so I CAN get back to there and do things! Granted I have this trip to China to deal with, but when I get back, I do plan to pick things up again! And Andy, my son, and a few others of you out there have given me some pokes and prods in that direction, so I will do that!  And I do thank you all for the encouragement!  It is very much appreciated!  I just need to come back in 5 weeks and hope this spark of creativity keeps itself going! Anyway, I’m at my last day of work and have a teleconference in 15 minutes that I’m probably not as well prepared for as I should be.  Thank you all for reading!  Hope I’m not too rambling here… just so much to do and not much time left to do it in… Be good!  Don’t have too much fun without me!  And if you do, make sure to send pics! ^_~ I’ll be back soon!  And when I do return, I hope to see you in the Secret World!

Hi! And Welcome to my Personal Blog!

Hello!  Most of you will know that I’m the person behind, which is my Blog for All things Secret World related.  So why do I need a personal blog?  Because frankly, there are a lot of things that I want to post that are NOT TSW/SWL related, or even if they are, are better suited to something that’s not geared toward the game and events in the game.

So what do I plan to post here?  Probably Other Games things… CyberPunk 2077 for sure will be covered once it’s released! Anime that I happen to follow. Maybe Manga too. Perhaps I’ll do some Writing or other Art things too? Pretty much burn these bridges when I get to them and post whatever I feel like!

So here we are!  NetRaven’s Knock!

Yeah, I kinda ‘borrowed’ and re-appropriated the image from Kingsmouth…  How could I not?

So anyway, I’m sure a lot of you are wondering why I haven’t been active lately.  No new posts in… forever… and with the 1 year anniversary past us now, that would have been a PERFECT time to post more.  I still want to post a 1 year retrospective, and still might.  I just need time.  And that is where the issue lies.  Or the main bulk of it.  Lack of time.

I work a full time job, and lately, it’s been kicking my arse and eating my soul.  I get home after Over Time, have to cook dinner for the family… and I barely have the spoons to log into game to get a daily key most of the time.

Things are EXTREMELY busy at work, and on top of that, I’m going to be getting sent to China for a few weeks in September for work.  But before that happens, I NEED to get things completed for these projects so the trip isn’t a waste.  So… since the job is what keeps bills paid, that’s what I need to keep focused on.  And the Blog ends up suffering as a result.  

There are things I want to do for the blog still, like:

  • Posting builds that I find useful.
  • Posting Lore and Mission information.
  • More Art that I’d like to turn into buttons.
  • Even post some RP Back stories that I have for my characters.

And probably a few other things that cross my mind.  But again… Time is the limiting factor.  Eventually, I hope things will get better for me, but for now I just have to weather this storm.

I appreciate your patience and your continued support.  I’ll get back to it soon-ish!

Anyways, I don’t plan on advertising much on this blog, so feel free to come and go as you please.  I just wanted to have a space to be able to post pretty much any random thing I wanted here.

Thanks again!  Stay safe, and I’ll catch you later!

~ Net-Raven